“GIVE ME A LIFE” by Mohamed Nohassi via Unsplash

You saw me when I was formless

And messy

Chipped and unrefined by your chisel

I thought then in naïveté

That I was made of stone

From which water flows

Down obsidian mounds

Between which a stiff smile strains

Can I fit


Where there is seemingly no place

No seat

No name plate branded by those with the pretense of ownership

A fog to which my eyes adjust

Into crystallization that I too can write myself into history

Rooted in another heritage centuries before

Feet unchained

My posturing evolves into stature

And I dare not ask

But rather say

And reclaim

My place



Nzuekoh Nchinda, MD

Nzuekoh Nchinda, MD

Harvard ’14, UChicago Med ‘20, and UWashington general surgery resident who is passionate about health equity, QI/outcomes research, and ethics.